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Developer Sees Opportunity at Old Bethlehem Ice House

February 25, 2019

An old ice house has languished for decades in south Bethlehem as a forgotten relic of the once burgeoning cold storage industry in the 19th century. Relegated by Lehigh University most recently for storage, the five-story bricked warehouse at the corner of Adams and Fourth streets now commands the attention of investors hoping to capitalize on a new federal tax break that has Wall Street buzzing...


October 13, 2018

The building looms large on the SouthSide of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. With its ornate red brickwork, thick walls and heavy wooden beams, it’s seen its share of history during the 125 years it has stood on the edge of the Lehigh University campus.  For more than half its life the building was an ice plant and cold storage warehouse. But, time and technology have rendered it obsolete. The university used it for many years as a dry storage and maintenance facility. But, the time finally came to find a new use for the old building... 

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